To submit a project, complete the form here. Explain what you want done (mixing? just mastering?) and explain the number of tracks and songs involved. Be sure to include all of the following information:

After evaluation, I will send you an invoice with the pricing. After pricing is agreed upon and payment is made, you can upload files for your project.

Submissions must be raw stems sent in .WAV format only. All stems must be separated and labeled accordingly (lead vocals, harmony vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, piano, etc.) For drums label each part (kick drum, snare, rack tom, floor tom, etc.). Make sure none of your tracks are clipping. Please ensure that all vocal tracks, instrument tracks, and master fader peak at a maximum volume of (no louder than) -6db to -3db. This allows headroom for me to work with the project. For mastering, please refrain from putting any limiters or major normalization on your master bus. If your master track has a limiter on it, normalization, or it clips, then it cannot be mastered properly.



Vocals: $150*

Instruments: $150*

Full Album: $2,500 for 10 tracks*

Album Mixing + Mastering: $2,750 for 10 tracks*

*pricing may vary depending on the amount of work required for each project to ensure the best quality possible


Song: $50

$375 for 10 tracks

Mixing + Mastering: $2,750 for 10 tracks (pricing may vary depending on the amount of work required to ensure the best quality possible)

Audio Cleanup & Restoration

$30 per song/audio track and $250 for 10 songs/audio tracks.

Session Guitar

Pricing varies depending on the project


100% of the total cost is due up-front for RipTide online services. After submitting your project, you will receive an invoice for the total amount due, which must be paid before we begin work.

Turnaround Time

Mixing a single song takes about 2 – 5 business days depending on workload. Mixing 10 songs takes about 2 – 3 weeks depending on workload.

Mastering a single song takes about 1 – 3 business days depending on workload. Mastering a full album (10 songs) takes about 1 – 2 weeks depending on workload.

Audio clean up and restoration takes about 1 – 3 business days for 1 song and about 1 week for 10 songs) depending on workload.

Session guitar work varies from project to project.


The client will receive a .WAV file of the final stereo master of their project for professional CD and iTunes distribution. They will also receive a high quality mp3 version for mp3 distribution and downloads. A physical master cd can also be mailed to the client for standard shipping rates.


If a very small and easy tweak is needed on a mix, then it could be done for free. The client gets 1 free major revision of a mix per song. $25 for any additional revisions. $30 if the song that needs a revision is already mastered.

Refund Policy

The client may ask one time to be sent a shortened clip of the mixed/mastered version of their song as a test to see if they like it. If they dislike it, then they get a full refund. Otherwise, NO REFUNDS, but I will work with client to make sure they are always satisfied with the results.